I Miss Falling in Love

Day 1:

Dear astronauts, today on my first day in Paris, I have visited the Eiffel Tower. There I saw many couples in love and I took pictures. I was green with envy. Then I went to a French restaurant to eat.

A guy came with me and he asked me what I wanted.

Finally, I said “A delicious meal”. We were talking about until the restaurant closed.

[by Silvia & Alba Mesejo]

Day 2:

Today is a new day in Paris, I went to have breakfast to the same restaurant as yesterday. I was again with the same man and he payed for my breakfast.

Dear Astronauts … I think I’m falling in love, and I realize that falling in love is wonderful. I know this is the second time I talk to this guy, but I think he has something special.

[by borjiiita]

Day 3:

This time, I wanted to go around Paris, so I could think about that guy I met at the restaurant. I love to see the streets of such an old city like this one, so I decided to stay apart from the big streets, and I went to the old small ones. Surprisingly, I bumped into another guy, who had two big green eyes. He apologized, and after a small chat, he asked me if I wanted to have a coffee with him. I agreed.

Dear Astronauts, I think I am falling in love… again! I think I am kind of magnet! And I don’t think falling in love with two guys could be good…

[by fafi97] 

Day 4:

Last night I was thinking in the two guys I’ve met and which of them I was going to see again. Today I walked around the Eiffel tower, I went shopping and I visited the museum. While I was going back to the hotel I bumped into another guy who was blond and had blue eyes and invited me to a cup of coffee but I really didn’t know what to do.

[by amineabid] 

Today I woke up early, because I spent last night thinking, and I decided that today I was going to go to the restaurant where I had met the first guy to talk to him again. I dressed up, and I got ready to see him. I arrived there at 9:00 AM, and I saw him there. ”He is so cute”, I thought. When he saw me, he came nearer and nearer, and finally he kissed me with lots of love and passion.

Dear astronauts, I think that he is the guy of my life, I love him.

[by sara30j97] 

Day 6:

In that moment, my heart beat too strongly. When the kiss finished, he whispered that he loved me.

At night, I went out with him to have supper. I was wearing a red dress and black shoes.

I arrived, and he called me princess. My eyes shone. I became really emotional.

The supper ended and we were a couple. Night with kisses and hugs. I will never forget this.

During these hours I forgot the other two boys that I had met. But I don’t know why I remembered them now…

  [by silviaby97]

Day 7:

I’m confused. I think the three boys will kill me. My heart doesn’t consider this correct. Because if I am with someone, I can’t think in another person. So I have to distance from them for a short time and think about this.

In the afternoon, I decided to go for a stroll near the Eiffel Tower and I realized that a boy was looking at me and he was approaching me. He was the blond boy with blue eyes who I had met in the fourth day. We talked for a long time and he told me he was German and his name was Gerard. While we were talking, I felt something strange…

 [by memysr4]

Day 8:

The next day I got up late, I set my alarm early but didn’t rang. I left the hotel to walk a little and clarify my ideas when I remembered the past day. I didn’ know what I had to do, I didn’t know what I really felt, I just wanted to be with my brother, tell him all that had happened and ask for his advice. I went to the hotel and I searched for my mobile. I couldn’t find it. My room was a complete mess but there was no sign of the mobile.

 [by albaarguez]

I decided to phone my mobile in case of  I could hear and find it. I couldn’t hear any sound, so I packed my suitcase because I wanted to get out of the hotel and go to the airport to meet my brother. While I was paying my bill at the reception desk, there was a phone call for me. I was very surprised, but finally I took the phone and waited:

-Sonia, is it you? -it was Gerard.

-Yes, I am, what’s the matter?

-I’m at the Charles de Gaulle airport whith your brother Fabio.

-I don’t understand.

-Psss, don’t say anything, just listen carefully.

-But, but, but…

-Take a cab and go to the pyramid of the Louvre museum, don’t tell anybody, come quickly and bring your purple notebook. You have twenty minutes.

-My purple notebook? -there was no answer.

I was frightened, however I took the cab. During the journey my head couldn’t stop thinking. I wished I hadn’t come to Paris. If I had listened to those who told me that I shouldn’t travel alone, now I wouldn’t be in this strange situation.

 [by maitri97]

What’s happening? What does this mean?…  Questions and more questions that are now are going round my head. The taxi has stopped and I leave it straightaway.

With my purple notebook in my hands, I am in the  museum looking everywhere waiting to see someone just in case, but nothing… I decide, intrigued and with my heart accelerated, to run up to the pyramid of the museum. I call Gerard but I don’t get a response.

What’s that?…

 [by sunjita]

Wait a moment that’s… my brother! Why is he with his hands tied? The one that is grabbing Fabio is Gerard! When I saw them both I didn’t know what to do or say but I was very nervous and afraid so, I started to shout at Gerard.

– Why are you doing this to me?! -I told him almost crying

– Do you really know what is Fabio’s job? -He said

– What do you mean? He is the boss of a big company in Paris. -I was confused

-So… that’s what you’ve said to her? Then I’ll tell you. He is one of the best drug dealers here in France – He said really convinved

I didn’t know what to say, I only started crying.

-Sonia, note down this adress, Saint-Louise street, pick up this key and go there and bring me a purple bag. You have to be at the Eiffel Tower in three hours.

I was on my knees some time before I could stand up and think about,  so, when I finally stood up I was wondering “What I’m going to do?”

 [by rubimessi97]

I couldn’t waste time,  I went fast to a telephone box and I called a taxi.  I didn’t know if that man was telling the truth. But Fabio was in trouble and I wasn’t going to sit still. When the taxi arrived I went to the place that man had told me. I introduced the key in the lock and I opened the door. The place was horrible, loads of rubbish was on the floor: cigarettes, stale food, tins, etc. However, in the center of the place I could see a purple bag. I took it without hesitation and I looked inside. The man was right,  there were drugs in this bag: cocaine, pills and other that I didn’t know.  I was shocked,  I couldn’t believe my brother was a drug dealer. In this moment I thought  “Wait a moment, I don’t even know if he is my brother.”  I started to run towards another telephone box to call another taxi and I went to the Eiffel Tower to clarify all the mess.

 [by 13sodapop]

I couldn’t believe it! If all those drugs really belonged to my brother, what was I going to do? Would I be capable to report him?

With all these questions I went to the Eiffel Towel. But I couldn’t imagine who I’m going to see there… The man that I have to meet was the boy that I had met the other day, that boy with green eyes. He got close to me looking at me with his hypnotic eyes… It had to be a joke! It couldn’t be real!

Then he asked me if I was the sister of the drug-pusher. He was even more surprised than me. “How someone as beautiful as you can be the sister of someone as him?” he asked me.

Finally I gave him the purple bag. He was my brother but because of him a lot of people could be dead and I couldn’t permit it.

In relation to the boys, I’m still as confused as I was and I don’t know what I will do. Dear astronauts, maybe I find another boy and he is the final one. Only  destiny can know.

[by Nerea & Marta]


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The House

It was just an old house in the middle of nowhere, but not for her. Her heart was full of memories. The old wall surrounding the yard. The oaktree by the house. The little garden, now overgrown. Years seemed minutes in her head. She could even feel his touch, breathe his smell… The sky was getting darker and darker and a cold breeze made her realize she had left her coat in her jeep.

[by amairgin]

When she went to the car to take her coat, she heard a strange sound that came from afar. She was intrigued, so she started to investigate. She returned to the old house where lost memories tortured her but, suddenly she felt a shiver and she knew that she wasn’t on her own, the atmosphere became warm and she started to feel a huge peace.

In the distance, a melody started to sound and she felt wistful of the beautiful moments that she had lived in the old house.

[by Omarsito]

She was feeling sleepier and sleepier as the melody was sounding in a place that she couldn’t identify. She was on the point of falling asleep when the memory of a diary that she had found in the house appeared in her mind. She had been looking for it for three hours, until finally, she found it under a bed.

It had an old brown front where the following name was written in black: Max Powel.

She sat down on an old bed and started to read the diary:

September 5th, 1939

It’s terrible! A huge amount of German soldiers have entered my city. They’re destroying most of the houses and monuments. My family has died and I would have died if I hadn’t jumped through the window. I ran uphill and I found a beautiful house, but I don’t like it. I don’t know why. I have spent the night in the house. I’m not sure but I think I heard strange noises in the house. However, I have no other option, I must stay here.

[by danielcasvei]

September 8th, 1939

I have been three days in this house, I don’t like being here but I can’t go anywhere, the German soldiers are everywhere (everything is destroyed).

Then the girl stopped reading, because she had heard some noises, but she thought that it was the wind and she continued reading.

September 10th, 1939

I can’t sleep, I’ve heard voices in the attic. They don’t stop. Am I crazy? I’ve decided that I have to go up to the attic. I can’t bear this situation any longer.


September 12th, 1939

I have been in the attic for two days, in these two days the noises have not stopped, soldiers must be here because there is something in the basement, something important.

September 14th, 1939

The soldiers are leaving the house, this makes me think two things, the first, they have found what they were looking for and the second, that they decided to stop looking for it

I have to go down to the basement, but if I ran into a soldier I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I’m in poor physical condition, because I have not eaten or drunk anything for a week, I can not risk to go down, I have to leave the house but I don’t know how.

[by martin64699] 

The answer is the window. I have to jump out of the window as I did when the soldiers came to my house. Luckily this house is not as tall as the other house, but I haven’t got a rope to rappel down the house, so I will jump, yes it’s dangerous but I have no choice.

September 15th, 1939

Apparently the house was taller than I thought and I have been unconscious for a whole day, so that’s why I’m in a unknown place.

[by iagofouce] 

I still feel a little dizzy. I’m in a dark place like a small room. There is a small window through which light enters scarcely, there is also a door, but it’s closed. So I don’t know how I came here, and I don’t know how to leave.

September 17th, 1939

It’s been two days and strange things have happened. When I wake up in the morning, I always have food and water next to me. But who brings it? I don’t understand anything. I will stay awake tonight, so I will be able to see him or her and I can tell him or her to let me out.

September 18th, 1939

This night no one came. I stayed awake all night, but no one brought food or drink. Why? I don’t understand. Someone came the other nights but this night no one appeared. What happened? Probably he would not come in because I was awake. But I couldn’t hear anything on the other side of the door. It’s very strange.

  [by belenfr]

September 19th, 1939

I haven’t eaten for one day, but the food is the least important thing at the moment, I need water now! Nothing and nobody has appeared in the room, I’m nervous, Why? Why me? I’m a good person, a good man. I need water so I shout but nobody arrives. Now I’m going to sleep, to forget the water I need.

September 20th, 1939

I’ve woken up, I had water and food with me, I’ve eaten it and in one second the food has disappeared. I need to talk to someone, but I’m alone. Suddenly I listen  to something, a human voice, who can it be?

 [by INILU]

September 20th, 1939

The human voice came nearer and nearer, after a few seconds, the door handle moved. A beautiful girl appeared in front of me. She is a girl about 30 years; she is tall and thin. The girl asked my name gave me a plate of food. I ate the food and then answered. Her name is Lucía and she has also got to avoid the soldiers.

September 21th, 1939

Lucía returned we left that dark place. But we realized that the soldiers are following us.

 [by bethoven69] 


She decided to stop reading for a while. She was very hungry, so she went to the kitchen. There, she took a sandwich from the fridge. Suddenly, the melody started to sound again, and she felt colder than some hours before.

She went again to the room thinking she was imagining all the things. When she took the diary in her hands again, she felt someone behind her. She turned, and she discovered her best friend. She became relaxed, but she could feel a strange dark shine in the eyes of her friend.

 [by anavrivas]

She couldn´t believe what was happening. She didn’t understand anything. Why was her best friend there? Why were his eyes so dark? Everything that was happening was so strange…
Then she decided to talk with her friend and tell all the things about the house, the diary, the soldiers…

 [by kikecobain8]

She spoke to her old friend, Susan. Susan wasn’t paying attention. When she talked to Susan, Susan seemednot to know her. She was afraid because Susan wasn’t well. Suddenly, the melody stopped sounding and Susan disappeared.

She was scared so she took the diary and she hid.

 [by maria31pereira]

September 21st, 1939

Lucia and I ran for a time, and the soldiers chased us. But in a crossroads we could shake them off because we went into an old and abandoned house. We looked for food or drink in the house, but we could only find a small can of food. It’s something, but we will ration it.  The house has an attic, we are hiding there. The soldiers ran in front of the house, but they didn’t look there. We’ve decided to stay here for some time, it is a good place to hide from them.

 [by yesicafdzr15]

September 22nd, 1939

I hadn’t realized that this house was the one where I had been a few weeks ago… I told all to Lucía, and then, we decided to come down to the basement where the soldiers were. There was a nazi laboratory!


Immediatly, she stopped reading and went quickly to the basement to check it. It was true! A lot of strange machines, cages and pans with mutants or experiments in some type of  liquid filled the room. While she was checking the laboratory, she tripped over something, and the diary fell intyo a big armored cage…

 [by carrreira]

The girl wanted to go out of that house. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t. It was like a rope which was pulling her. She finally got exhausted because all the efforts she had done to escape had failed. Then, she continued reading:

September 23rd, 1939

We discovered some glass boxes with people inside. All of them have these words written: ‘PROJECT ANNUBIS’. Now we feel so scared… but the curiosity in us is bigger.

We’ve found a little room! It’s full of documents… It seems as if they are studying a new type of super-humans which are going to be warriors or something like that.

We have gone out of the laboratoty. I hope nobody had seen us, because if somebody has, we could be in big trouble.

 [by davidpenelaszeppelin]

September 24th, 1939

We decided to abandon the house then we saw a forest and we thought that it was a good place to hide. But the soldiers were watching the house and they had put traps near the house, we could destroy many of them but we were trapped in one of them. The soldiers took us to the laboratory to investigate with us…


She heard strange noises, it seemed as if someone was trying to destroy the door. She decided to hide behind the boxes…

 [by juan9600]

Suddenly she heard a huge noise and the door broke into a thousand pieces. The impact was so great that the window panes were broken too and the whole room was filled with pieces of wood and glass. She was really scared. Also she had injuries in her face, in her arms and her right knee was bleeding. But all this was not important when she saw her friend Susan appear accompanied by two men.
Susan began talking to the men in a strange language. She seemed angry and she screamed at them. She did not understand anything of what they were saying and Susan was not looking at her. It was as if Susan did not know her. Suddenly Susan saw the diary on the floor and read the name on the cover: Max Powell. She grabbed it with her hands and said:

– Now I’ll know the true story of my father …

Her eyes had that strange dark shine again ….

 [by yeray46]

– Your father was another Jewish prisoner. But he was lucky, the first success of the Annubis Project. When we arrested your father and your mother…

– My mother?

– Yes, your father and your mother. Ten months later we had started to experiment with them. In that moment, your parents were being innoculated with the Annubis cells. When you born, your mother died. She didn’t tolerate Annubis. But your father was able to escape with you and your twin brother because of his transformations.

– Transformations? Twin brother? What are you talking about?

– You will have time to finish your reading, Eve, you are the first woman with Annubis gens. You, with your brother Adam, will be the begining of a new world.

[by juanmacano68]



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The Dark Shadow

I was walking around the old and empty house, when I heard a noise inside. I started thinking about what I had to do: Did I have to get into it or did I have to run away and hide somewhere?

After a long time thinking, I decided to get into it and to inspect what was producing that horrible noise.

First, I knocked at the door, but I didn’t have any response, so I decided to get into this scary house. When I was inside, the first thing that I saw was an old armchair. And at its left, a wardrobe.

Suddenly, when I was inspecting, I heard a sinister noise coming from the top of the house. I was too scared to go and discover what was producing that noise, so I decided to continue my inspection.

But, suddenly I saw a dark shadow…

[by sara30j97]

When I saw that dark shadow, I started to feel anxious, and everything happened very quickly. I tried to get out, but the door was locked, so I decided to go upstairs and hide there.

But the house was very old, as the stairs were old too, so they broke when I walked on them, and I fell into the basement. It was so dark I couldn’t see anything. There was only just a little window, which let some light through, but it wasn’t enough to see clearly. I was so afraid, I thought I could die in that moment, in a strange house, in the dark old basement, with someone upstairs, who could be a murderer or who knows what!

At that moment, the basement door opened…

[by mikaelamedina] 

I didn’t know what to do. I looked around the room to see if I could hide somewhere. So, I found a door, and ran towards it, and closed the door at my back, trying to lock it, but there was no mechanism.

So I turned round to get something stop that… ”thing” in. But what I saw, was horrible, and paralysed me with fear, because it was something that only a mad person could have done. There were many shelves with jars with organs in them, like hearts, brains, kidneys, lungs… there was even a foetus.

I thought it was a nightmare, I wanted to get out, but I didn’t know how, and I didn’t want to touch any shelf because it was disgusting even to touch them. I could only do one thing: fight against the person who was behind that door. So I tried to find a weapon, because if there were organs, there could be surgical instruments too…

[by fafi97]

I started to search for something that could help me when suddenly a book dropped on the floor. This book had the portrait of a girl. Her face was familiar. I listened to a noise and I looked back. There was no one. It was a rat. Then I looked at the book one more time and the portrait of the girl disappeared. I looked around but there was nothing. I started to be scared.

[by albaarguez]

I began to look for the missing girl, I looked around the basement. I found a grille on the floor, I opened it, and found out it was something like a well full of water.

I heard a voice calling my name, it sounded like the voice of a girl, and I thought that was the child in the book. I went in through that grille, suddenly, everything went dark, someone cried, I got even more scared than I was.

There was more and more water, and I realized, that I had never learned to swim, but…

[by silviaby97]

…at that time I was only concerned to find the voice of the child and discover what was happening in that place. I jumped into the water and I climb up on the curb that was on the other side of the tunnel. After walking for a while I found some graffiti on the wall, where I could read my name and some arrows telling me a direction. I spent some time looking at them and thinking it over and I decided that following the direction indicated would be best idea. I continued on a bumpy sidewalk until the first junction where the door was well indicated by arrows.

[by nerearu]

I was following the arrows when I perceived a very strange smell. It was a heavy and horrible scent. I didn’t know where it came from but when I found out, I regretted being there. There were corpses everywhere! I was afraid, this was traumatic! All those people were killed in cold blood! But, who could have done this? Suddenly, I heard a crunch and I saw the ugliest creature that I had seen in all my life…

[by memysr4]

The creature was something not only uniquely ugly but also terribly monstruous. Long arms, black eyes, red skin… His mouth was dripping blood while with his hands he broke fragile human skulls. I was horrorified, I was hidding until that creature saw me and ran after me. I run with all my strength, up to a strange green river where I could see bones, yes, bones and other things. There was no escape and the creature had found me…

[by sunjita]

But luckily when that strange creature was about to catch me, I could hear again the voice of the child. When I turned, I saw another arrow with my name. It could’t be a trap because the creature was there with me. I deduced that the child was trying to help me so I decided to pay attention and follow the arrow. I could’t think of anything worse than what I was living, so I had nothing to lose…

[by martalamela]

I followed the arrow to a door, I was still nervous so I opened the door very fast without thinking about it. When I entered that strange room the door swang shut, I was scared and I didn’t know what to do. I tried to open the door but it was impossible, so I searched for another exit, in that moment I saw something shiny I went to see what that was. It was a key! I picked the key up and I tried to open the door again. Luckily the key opened the door and I saw a different arrow and I heard the voice of the child again…

[by amineabid & rubimessi97]

So I followed that angelic voice and went on the arrow way again. I got out of that horrible house and they sent to me to climb up the highest mountain in the county. I tramped through deep snow, but somehow I could feel the presence of a dark shadow somewhere behind me. I had not avoided that danger and I was nearly frozen. Would it be the last day of my life? What could I do? Suddenly I could see the entry of a cave and went towards it. I turned on my lantern and… oh no! There were bones throughout the cave. A dark shadow following me, bones everywhere, only the beast was absent…

[by maitri97]

Suddenly, I listened a crack of branches. Tears fell from my eyes and I could feel cold sweat through my back. I turned around and I saw a horrible monster, the beast was there. The monster was big and ugly. He didn’t have skin, this creature didn’t have eyes.  It had a long tongue and sharp claws. In his head only the brain could be distinguished, when I saw it, I started to run. I run deeper and deeper into the cave,  I couldn’t do enough to hide myself…

  [by 13sodapop]

At the end of the cave I finally found a hunter of creatures, so I told him what happened, and the hunter decided to help me. Then he picked up his guns and we went in search the awful creature, but when he came out of the cave the creature surprised him with its claws and then grasped the hunter, who by chance threw his gun in my direction, and I quickly grabbed the gun without thinking twice…

  [by gatinha16]

…I shot the monster. I could feel the shot sound in the mountain. My heart was relaxed… my mind was quiet…

I saw the light and I run to get out of there and find help.

Many years later, I came back to the cave and I could feel that cold wind that I had felt the last time. I saw a shadow and I run towards my horse.

  [by wachiturro2000]

It was the same shadow, the monster’s silhouette. I mounted my horse and tried to escape, but the monster grabbed my horse tail, and my horse, petrified, knocked me down.

Now I was on the ground, unarmed against the monster, I was scared, I did not know what to do. I got up and ran and came to a canyon. the monster was quickly approaching,  I dashed and the monster fell down the canyon and died.

My horse puffed. I could still feel that cold wind, but there was no shadow, my fear and my imagination had carried me away.

[by borjiiita]


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The Secret

Everything began in the Bronx. A little boy was walking along the street. Suddenly, he found a man who produced a gun. The boy didn’t know that the man was trying to defend him. Although the boy was completely unaware of it, he was in possession of the four-force power.

[by 4º A]

Afraid, he saw the man who was in front him. He was scared and angry. He felt the heat in his eyes. The man smiled and the boy’s hair bristled. He felt the need to hurt the man. Suddenly, an earthquake surprised them. Both fell down, the boy was really scared, but the man kept his sinister smile. When the man rose, he said “The fire in your eyes, the earthquake, you are the boy I was looking for”. Suddenly a very bright light blinded him and the boy could see no more.

[by saarita69]

The boy tried to escape but was found in a nearby alley. The man started to speak and told him he needed to go with him. The boy was frightened, really scared but after all, he hadn’t said the world would end, he thought it over and asked why.

The man said he would tell when they arrived at a safe place, it was the greatest secret of history and nobody should learn, because people would go crazy and it would be much worse for all mankind when they got to know the greatest secret of history!

[by balotelli10]

The boy was silent for a long time. He didn’t know what he must do. He was very afraid, and he thought in trying to escape again, but he knew that it was going to be impossible, so he was very nervous trying to think in another solution.

The man started to talk again, and finally, the boy could speak. He told the man that he agreed to go to a safe place, but first he must tell him that important secret.

The man, thought for a long time, and when he was going to start speaking, they heard a very strange noise. Someone was spying on them.

[by anavrivas]

The man who was spying on them was the boy’s father. James had been looking for his son for two days and he had finally found him. However, the child began to run with the man who had talked to him in that street in the Bronx. The boy told the man that he hated James, his father, and he had escaped from home because his father used to hit him every day. James was an alcoholic.

[by kikecobain8]

As he was walking, James fell over into a container full of holy water and he incredibily wished to give up alcohol and said: Why the hell am I in this place? Then he run off the place to search for his son. Two weeks later he found his son Bobby and that strange man. James with no reason picked up a knife, then he attacked the strange man, but the man defended himself by breaking James’ arm, finally Bobby kicked the strange man. So what could now happen to them?

[by pablokok]

Nobody could think that Bobby was going to use his four-force power to turn into a beast and kill his father and run away from the strange man. James was wrecked on the floor, completely stained with blood. The strange man ran after Bobby, but he couldn’t capture him because in that moment Bobby was changing his appearance into a flying horse.

[by Omarsito]

Bobby flew for several hours and landed on the attic of a high building. Bobby became man again because he thought he was safe. But suddenly, the mysterious man appeared behind him. The man had a scroll in his hand which was written in real mission standards that Bobby had to obey. Bobby was confused. He did not know what to do. Finally, he decided to take the scroll and read the conditions.

[by yeray46]

Bobby read the conditions and he accepted. The strange man would help him with missions. But Bobby didn’t know all the power of the four-force. He should learn about his power but it was late and he was tired.

The next morning, they got up and the strange man talked about his power. Bobby was afraid because he didn’t understand anything but he listened to the explanation of the man.

[by maria31pereira]

After the strange man’s explanation they had breakfast. At first, Bobby thought that the food was horrible, but they both were hungry and didn’t say anything. It was  ten o’clock, more or less, when the man decided to teach Bobby. He told him how to use his power and when, how to defend himself and other people: Bobby learned how to fight. Now he was starting to control his power easily.

But he wasn’t happy, because he had lost his family and a very special girl. She was more than a friend: he loved her.

[by davidpenelaszeppelin]

He was always thinking about her, but now he didn’t have any time to see her. He had to start his first mission. He was afraid, however he was courageous. In the parchment it was writen that he had to go to Japan and find a sword. The sword was made of gold and it had belonged to an old Japanese warrior. He needed money to go by plane. The adventure was starting…

[by antiapacios]

Bobby could get the money to go to Japan by plane because his father had a life insurance and left the money to him. A man found him and gave him the money. While he was on the plane, a terrible accident happened, the pilot was dead and nobody on the plane could fly the plane. When they were falling, everybody jumped off the plane to save their lives, luckily they fell into the river “Huang He” in China. All people were fine and Bobby turned into a beast again and flew to Japan. When he arrived in Japan he could see where the sword was with his four-force power. When he arrived at the place he realized that the sword was protected by a lot of traps and he couldn’t enter on his own , he needed someone to help him…


Bobby was disappointed because he couldn’t enter the place where the gold sword was hidden. Suddenly, Bobby saw a strong man robbing a young man and used his four-force to defeat the robber, then the young man gave Bobby a present to thank him for his help. The present was a password to enter the building where the golden sword was. Now Bobby could find the gold sword but another obstacle stopped him.

[by iagofouce]

In front of him was Lucy, the girl that he loved. He didn’t know what to say, he was confused. What was she doing there? He didn’t understand anything. She said: “The sword doesn’t belong to you, you can’t take it, you must return”. Bobby asked her: “Why do you know all that?” The girl disappeared and then his father appeared. His father said: “The sword doesn’t belong to you, you can’t take it, you must return”. Bobby was scared, he didn’t understand anything. At first, Lucy was there but now, it was his father. Suddenly, Bobby heard a voice that said: “It’s a trap”. Bobby stabbed his father. When he was dead, he became an old man. The old man was a magician who guarded the sword. Before he died, he said: “This sword will bring many misfortunes for you”. Bobby took the sword but there was something strange about it…

[by belenfr]

The sword started to shine, and ten second later, the shine turned off. Bobby was surprised, but he must return with the man. When he returned, the man tells him that a girl come there asking for he. Bobby gave the sword to the man. He was very excited, he missed a lot the girl. He asked the man where was the girl. the man didn’t know howw to tell the boy that the girl was die, because a strange man killed her. When the boy knew this, started to cry and sweared to revenge, but there was something strange in all this.

[by yesicafdzr15] 

When he got to the hotel where he was staying, there was that girl. The girl told him: ‘the person you trust, will deceive you’, after those words, the girl disappeared. After those words he decided to investigate more about the person he trusted. What he discovered was something amazing. The man he trusted was his father’s brother.

The next morning he was told his new mission: kill the girl he loved.

His heart was divided in two, he didn’t know who to trust or who to believe.

  [by diiego4]

He felt alone because he couldn’t trust anyone. He started to look for the girl he loved. Three days later he saw the girl in a supermarket. He followed her for one day and he decided he was going to kill the girl he loved. He prepared the weapons and set out to catch her. When he arrived at her home, the house was empty. The wardrobes were empty too, and all he found was a piece of paper with the following text: “you’re late”.

  [by INILU]

When Bobby read this piece of paper he ran out the house.  He only wanted to be alone to think about the things that had happened in his life these last weeks. He decided to speak to the man. The man said to Bobby that the greatest secret of history was that the world could disappear because a big meteorite would land in the Pacific Ocean. Only one person knew how to avoid this, this person had got the the four-force power too. Bobby was the only person that could get the information to save the world because he had the four-force power too.

When Bobby knew this, his mindset changed. He would do all that was necessary to save the world even kill the girl he loved.

  [by claudiaedrorei]

That night he took his scarce things. He realized that he would die to save the planet, but why he would save the planet, if he had lost all that he loved.

Next morning he got up, had breakfast and went for a walk. He thought about everything, and finally, he wouldn’t be selfish.

Scientists had calculated how long the meteority would take to land. All of them agreed to say that the meteorite would land in two days, at coordinates -0.839287,-163.981939.

Bobby didn’t want to make any mistake, so that afternoon he used his four-force power and he turned into a flying horse, then he started to fly.

While he was getting near to the place where the meteorite was going to crash, he heard some shots. Somebody was shooting at him! He dodged the bullets quickly, but one of them reached him. He fell from a high place unconscious, until he finally plunged into the water.

  [by danielcasvei]

When he had nearly drowned, a strange man saved him. Two weeks later he woke up at the strange man’s home which was in the forest (the man’s house wasn’t very big but it was friendly). When he woke up and saw the strange man who had saved his life, he asked him:

– Where am I?

– You are in the Amazon Jungle. You have been unconscious for two weeks and I thought that you wouldn’t be able to survive – said the strange man.

Bobby couldn’t remember anything about the accident and the man told him that he had rescued him from the water. He had also cured him of a wound because somebody had shooted him.

Suddenly thanks one of his four-force power he remembered everything, the shots and what he was doing when somebody tried to kill him: he was going to the place where a meteorite had crashed.

As Bobby has already got well he thanked the man for his help and he dissapeared.

  [by carlosccc10]

Bobby went to the scientists laboratory who told him the meteor had crashed into the Earth 2 days ago… If he had been unconscious for more than 2 weeks, the scientists were lying to him! And now, Bobby was angry, and going to kill them..

One of Bobby’s four-force powers detonated his fury and turned him into his rage mode beast, a flying hell-horse… Bobby crushed the scientists’ heads with his brutal hoods, smashed their organs and drunk the blood that sprang up from the mutilated and brutally annihilated corpses…

Pegaso unicornio del infierno_x

Then, when his flare-up ended, Bobby went to the Drunk Pianist Cat’s temple, or Doraemon’s Temple, to ask for advice. Doraemon  told Bobby that the meteor was really a gigant piano from the planet Cat-Opotamia, and would destroy the Earth in a few hours in a chaos of musical notes and requiems! What could our hero do now?

  [by carrreira]

Bobby decided to think in a plan, the plan that he thought was to save the world but he didn’t want to hurt the people he loved including her beloved.

Aimlessly, he followed his way and  suddenly he found a old lady that seemed wise. This old lady was very strange, Bobby didn’t know who she was but she knew exactly who he was.

The lady started to speak in a strange way but this it wasn’t the only thing that surprised Bobby, she told him that the girl that he loved was in fact his enemy and she would be the one to blame for the disaster. He have to kill her in order to save the world and to save his life.

The old lady told him that he should go to a mountain, a mountain called “Lopus”. He would have to run a lot if he wanted to kill his enemy and to save the world. He could only kill her in this mountain. He didn’t have time, the world could disappear at any moment. The decision was in his hands.

  [by yaizabv]

Bobby couldn’t believe that his beloved was evil. He decided to go and see his uncle. If he and his uncle worked together, they could join their four-force powers and they would be unbeatable.

Together they would have enough force to destroy the meteorite. His uncle was living in Lugo, in Spain. Bobby decided to go and see him.

He met his uncle at the Roman wall in Lugo, as his father’s brother had emigrated to Europe to escape from an organization he had been in touch with in the Bronx. He told his uncle about his plan to destroy the meteorite. But first, he had to go to “Lopus” and kill his beloved. They went together and found her. There was no time. They joined their four-force powers. Their energy was so big that his beloved wasn’t evil any more. She became good.

Finally Bobby and his uncle could save the world. Ten years after, Bobby and his beloved got married and had twenty little Bobbies.


[by ivanruan]

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An Incredible Journey

Everything was ready to start his trip. As every other time, he had his MAP, a mnemonic word he he used to remember to take the essentials: Money, Address and Passport.

He packed his baggage. In the bag he had: shirts, jeans, short trousers, socks, trainers and a cap. There was a taxi waiting opposite John’s house. When the driver saw John come out, he took his bag. They went to airport, but there was an accident in a street and they had to wait. After thirty minutes, they were on their way to the airport again. John was going on holidays to London to visit his grandparents.

The flight was due at ten o’clock…

[by aaalvaaarooo]

I landed at ten o’clock and I looked at the map. There were two kilometres to my grandparents’ house. I walked while I looked at the map all the time, but I felt that I was lost. That city was so big. I questioned a citizen:

Can you tell me where the “Stick Insect Road” is?

– Oh yes, I can, it is about one kilometre from here. You must to go straight ahead in that way, and then, the street you must to continue is on the right.

– Then I go straight ahead again, right?

– Yes.

– Ok, thank you very much.

– You’re welcome.

[by mn96]

I went in the direction the citizen had told me.

There were a lot of people in the street and I saw a lot of homeless sleeping in the streets and begging for money. I knew that the world was going through a bad patch, but I had never thought that it was that bad!! I was very frightened and upset.

I came in a supermarket to buy a bottle of water, because I was very thirsty.

When I was going to pay the bottle of water I couldn’t find the letter M of the mnemonic word MAP. I didn’t have my wallet!

‘Oh, no, I’ve been robbed!!’ – I shouted.

[by cvisualgg ]

John was very sad. He didn’t know what to do. The shop’s girl saw that John didn’t have any money to pay for the bottle of water, so she invited him. John was very grateful but he soon realized that in the wallet which had been stolen from him, he had his passport and the grandparent’s adress. The young man returned to the street and he decided to become a beggar in order to get some money. He only wanted to live and to find his grandparents.

After a few days he didn’t have any money, then he started to steal with others beggars. One day, John tried to steal a wallet from a man, but he got a big surprise because that man was a plain-clothes detective inspector. The inspector took John to the police station. John was very frightened and he shouted:

– I’m not a thief, I only want to live and find my grandparents!

[by aaalvaaarooo ]

The inspector looked at John and said:

-You must be quiet or I will have to arrest you.

He was a tall, thin man with pale skin. He had brown hair and deep, blue eyes. He was over 50 years old and he was so serious all the time. John was really afraid of him, so when they arrived at the police station John started to cry. The inspector took him to a white room. Inside, there was a man and a woman who started to ask questions to John. He answered all the questions and explained his circumstances to them. After all of this, he was so nervous he fainted away.

When he woke up, he saw that he was in another room. This room was white too, but it seemed like… yes! He was at the hospital! He started to call someone and the first person who came in the room… was his grandma!!

-Grandma!! Oh my god!! What are you doing here? Where I am and why??

-Oh, honey, you are at the hospital because of your faint. How are you?

His grandma was talking to him with a smile on her face but, when he asked her about the police station and everything that had happened, she said seriously:

-We will talk about what you did, ok? – then she recovered her smile.- But now you must rest. Your grandfather is in the café, because he was here all night.

-All night!! How long have I been here?

-Very long…

[by airam14]

I was safe, I couldn’t believe it! I was finally with my grandparents!

Suddenly, my grandfather came in the room, he was very serious. He didn’t say anything, he sat down on the bed, near me and hugged  me. My grandmother started to cry in silence. They had been very worried because they thought that I was lost! My grandfather told me:

-Dear grandson, you had been very brave, you were alone in a strange city without money… but you did something wrong, you couldn’t steal! This is something terrible, you aren’t a thief! You should go to the police station and ask them, telling our names, they could have taken you home!

-Sorry, grandad… I didn’t know what to do, I was very frightened…

-It doesn’t matter, now you must rest. You must try to sleep and tomorrow we can go home, ok?

He kissed my forehead and went out of the room. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

[by BelenEncabo]

When I woke up  my grandmother was still sleeping in a sofa near my bed. I wanted to pee so I went towards the bathroom, but when I went in I was surprised, there was somebody using the toilet. He shouted something that I couldn’t undestand well and I went out of the bathroom quickly without looking at him. I had forgotten that I had a room partner. Incredibly my grandmother hadn’t awakened with the shout, she surely had spent a bad night in that filthy sofa and she hadn’t slept a lot. I was very embarrassed but I should apologize with my partner, so I waited until he came out of the bathroom. When he came out I was surprised, she was a girl about twenty years old, I was starting to apologize when she told me.

-Are you silly, guy?

I waited an unfriendly attitude but not so unfriendly. Also I hadn’t looked at  her. I didn’t know that she was a girl. She continued.

-Can’t you call before going in? Normal people can.

-Sorry, I didn’t know that I had a room partner.

-OK, you think that the whole hospital is yours, perfect.

Suddenly, I saw that she had something under her hospital gown. She was pregnant!

[by pedropear]

-Sorry, I made a mistake; I won’t disturb you ever again.

-Ok, but you have disturbed me, so now I’m very angry.

-Don’t worry; I think that tomorrow I won’t be here, so you can be calm.

-But today…

-Shut up, please! My grandmother is sleeping and we are disturbing her. You are pregnant and arguing isn’t good for your baby.

The pregnant girl was very angry, but she calmed down and she went to the café. I went to the bathroom, I started to have a pee and I could see that my pee was completely red. I called the doctor quickly and my grandmother woke up.

-What is happening now? She said.

I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t know what I had to say. I waited for the doctor. The doctor came in the room, he threw my grandmother out and he said to me:

-Don’t worry but we must do a urine test and we must wait for the results.

-So tomorrow I will still be here! I said a bit upset.

-Yes. You must probably stay in hospital for three or four days more.

[by cvisualgg]

I don’t really like that idea: I must be in hospital 3 days more… I thought in the woman who was prenant, would she be angry for 3 days? I don’t like being angry with a prenant woman, so I must be friendly with her.

The next day John woke up and he saw his grandma and his grandpa. His grandma asked him:

-How are you?

-I’m OK, I don’t know why I’m here…

-Come on, John I know you don’t like hospitals, but you must stay here.

-Yes, but I think that my room partner is angry with me, and I don’t really like this.

-Oh, I know, I talked to her this morning, and he has had a new baby!

[by aalvaroo]

The results of the tests came and they showed that John was very sick. Doctors would operate on John the next day. John could not sleep at night because he was very nervous. In the next morning, doctors operated on John and everything was well. Doctors said that in one week he would go to his grandparents’ house. The police would come and see him every day.

He spent a week in hospital, every day he argued with his roommate… He spent one month with his grandparents and then the judge ordered John to provide 72 hours of community service. When he finished all, he returned home again. He will never forget the experience.

[by elisatiririri]


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A Strange Story

“I don’t know how to start this story, so I’m going to tell you about my life. My name is Rachel. I’m fourteen years old and two months ago something incredible occurred to me…”

When I was writing this, my mum arrived. My mum was angry and shouted at me. I had got a bad mark in an English exam at school and my mum had gone to talk to my teacher Mr. Robin. Now I’m grounded. I can’t use the computer. I can’t meet my friends. I hate this teacher, but this is something personal. He’s not very nice with students, but he’s very nice with our Phisics & Chemistry teacher, Ms. Loud, I don’t know why… The students think they are lovers.

[this part was written by the whole class]

So, today is Friday and I can’t meet my friends. And I am bored at home, I never stay at home on Friday afternoons. I don’t know what to do!! Could I watch TV? Could I read a book?

When I was thinking what to do, I listened to a noise at my door. I thought it was my mum so I went to my door I opened it and saw my dog in the corridor with his ball. I went to my bed and I took my pillow and I slept on the carpet on the floor. And next morning… [by Amieiro]

When I woke up I didn’t see my breakfast on my table, which I found strange because my mother serves my breakfast every day. I thought that my mother was angry because of my bad marks and had not prepared my breakfast.
When I went to the kitchen I saw my mother and she didn’t look happy. I asked her if anything had happened but she didn’t reply.
I made my breakfast and I went to school.
When I returned  home I didn’t see anyone, didn’t understand anything, why my mother wasn’t talking to me,and why she wasn’t at home as every day at this time. I started to be afraid and didn’t know what to do.
I started listening to the same noise as the day before and now it was not the dog because it was not at home, I went towards the noise and… [by mateooo]

I went towards the noise and when I turned on the right I saw in the distance a man who was using a jackhammer. I though that the noise was made by another thing… an animal like dog, like mine. I continued my way to school… but I thought “wait a moment… do I have class today? Today is Saturday, today I haven’t got class…!”. I felt really stupid for that. I was very stressed, so I had forgotten that it was Saturday. I returned home.

“Why didn’t my mum let me know that I didn’t have class? She was really really angry.”

When I arrived, I said “hello” in a loud voice, but I didn’t listen to any answer. My dog came to me, but I ignored him.

I went to my bedroom and I started to listen to some songs of Rammstein. I thought about the situation with my mum, and I stopped the music and I went to speak to her. She was in the living room. [by mn96]

I looked at her face. She looked strange; she was not happy, but she was not angry either. I said in a low voice:


She smiled. I didn’t know what to think.

-I was thinking that my marks at English are really bad, I know, but I think that you are too angry.

She smiled again, but she didn’t say anything. I was begining to be under a lot of stress.


She didn’t answered me, so I went to my bedroom. I was angry. Why wasn’t she talking to me? It only was a bad mark… I took my diary and I started to write again. I couldn’t write a lot, ’cause my mum came to my bedroom.

-Rachel, come with me please- she said.

I looked at her sad and she looked at me. I followed her with some curiosity. We went to the car and she started it. I was so confused…

-I have to talk to you- she said.

-I know that my marks are bad, but…

-It’s not about your marks.[by airam14]

We talked for a long time, because she was angry with me… she said she did not know how to start, that what happened was not my fault it was very difficult and she loved me very much… I was about to cry, I was worried, I did not understand anything, she said that I would not see her for a long time. My father and she were very angry, they did not love each other any more… I knew nothing!! She said she was leaving that afternoon… I was sad.  I said ‘goodbye mum, I love you…’ When would I see her again? If my studies went bad, now they would go worse… And I had maths class the next day! [by noweeey]

I went to talk to my father.

-Dad! I talked to mum and she said that she was leaving in the afternoon.

-Yes… You are right. We’ve fallen out and she has decided to leave the neighbourhood.

-Where she’s going to go?

-I think that she’s going to go to Notting Hill.

-Really? I think that my teacher Mr. Robin lives in that neighbourhood.

-What does it matter? We must go and talk to your mother.

-Wait a moment! She went to talk to Mr. Robin and then you fell out. I think that something strange happened when mum went to talk to Mr. Robin.

-Don’t be silly! She doesn’t love me now, I was really unpleasant this month with your mother and…

My father is very, very sad now, he’s crying. I must do something, I think that it isn’t a stupid thing what I said before, I think that it’s related to the problem… [by cvisualgg]

Next day I went to school, everything was the same as always until our maths class arrived. Mr Robin didn’t come: it was really strange because Mr. Robin never missed a single class, so I decided to visit him that afternoon. At five o’clock I got my bicycle and I rode to Mr Robin’s house. It was huge and white with a perfect green garden; I rang the doorbell but nobody opened the door, I went to the backyard to see what was going on… [by jorgeman18]

At this moment a black cat attacked me… I was afraid, but I went ahead and saw my mother looking for something in the blackyard. M…Mum!! Why you are there!?

– I’m looking for something. Can’t you see??

– Yes, but …

At this moment the teacher returned home and another person with him.

– Is it a little girl?

– …yes, her name is Sarah.

– What’s happened mum? [by peace]

-Daugther,  it’s something very complicated, I would like to explain it in another moment. I can just tell you that she is your sister. Daugther, go away soon… you already know what Mr. Robin’s character is like, he is a little grumpy.

– Ok  mum , but I hope you can explain it all to me tomorrow.

I went home very confused, now I didn’t know how to call Mr. Robin my teacher or my stepfather. Only one thing made me happy, that I should pass the subject… because the teacher is my mum’s new husband.

I asked – why had my mum cheated on my father with the English teacher? was it because  in this way I would pass the subject? When I came home I was thinking about everything that had happened. My dog came to me and I slept side by side with him. My dog’s company helped me not feel alone and I understood that dogs are the most faithful animals. Next day, my mum came home to speak to me and explain everything. She started saying that she had known Mr. Robin before my father, then she told me …  [by Maryi]

My mum told me that Mr Robin had been her first boyfriend at the High School. There was a strong love between them and they had never forgot it.

But my mum went to the university and there she met dad, and they fell in love and married. But when I started to go to the High School my mum met Mr Robin again and they had an affair. How could my mum cheat on my dad with my English teacher? That was incredible! I couldn’t believe it!

I had to tell my father and it was hard… I think that this must be terrible to him…

And everybody thinks that Mr. Robin is Mr. Loud’s lover, but he isn’t!  He is my mum’s lover. And I’m his stepdaughter, my classmates are going to laugh at me.

I hate it! [by Siweeey]

I tried to persuade myself that the situation wasn’t so serious , but it was imposible, because I felt too badly.

Next day, I arrived at school and I saw that Mr. Robin was talking to Ms. Loud with the same kind tone as always. I had trouble with my nerves because of that, but I didn’t want to speak to Mr. Robin.

He finished talking to Ms. Loud, and he came to me. I couldn’t run away.

– I have to talk with you – He said  [by mn96]

– It’s a very difficult situation, but we must solve it.

I’m your teacher in the secondary school and in my house I can help you with your homework. I hope I can be your friend.

Your mother is a good woman and your  father is also a good man, but there wasn’t love between them.

You can come round to see you mother every day. I have a son, he’s nineteen years old. My wife died in a plane accident when Patrick, my son, was five years old. He studies medicine at university.

– And what about my father? – Rachel asked.

– He needs you now – said Mr. Robin.

– My father hasn’t got work and wants to travel to Spain. A friend that is the owner of a company lives there and he offered him a technician’s job.

– And what will you do?- asked Mr. Robin.

– My grandparents want me to live with them.

– Ok, but… [by aaalvaaarooo]

It’s strange. Mr. Robin offered me to live with him and my mum. I preferred it because I didn’t get on very well with my grandparents and I missed mum but I wasn’t sure, I didn’t know why. I accepted, and when my dad got his plane to Spain I moved to Mr. Robin’s house. The first week was very difficult, I had to go to school in Mr. Robin’s car everyday and my friends asked me why and I couldn’t tell them the truth, I did not want to.

One night, I was in my bedroom, on the computer, looking at my tuenti, when I heard a noise in the garden. When I looked across the window I could see Mr. Robin with a strange man in black clothes, suddenly I saw the man giving Mr. Robin a black bag and Mr. Robin gave him a lot of money, I could see almost three wads of cash. I was very intrigued and I only knew that I needed to look for that black bag. Next day, I pretended to be ill and I could stay alone at home. I looked for the bag and I found it under Mr. Robin’s bed. There were drugs in it! Mr. Robin was a drug dealer, I was sure. I had to watch him better.

Last week I saw a very strange thing, my mum had a bruise in her face. She tried to cover it with make up but I could see it. I questioned my mother about it and finally she admitted that Mr. Robin had made it. I told my father but he couldn’t do anything because he hadn’t got any money to return here. I should sort out the situation… [by siweeey & noweeey]

I couldn’t believe it!! Mr. Robin was a drug dealer and a batterer and, the worst thing he had done, he had hit my mum. Because of that I REALLY hated him. I thought I had to call the police, but my mum begged me and I didn’t do it. She told me that Mr. Robin threatened and forced her to break up with my dad and come back to him. When I heard this, I was so happy: my mum and my dad were in love!! The only problem was that Mr. Robin was a really bad person, and he had me and my mum threatened. We needed help and the only person that could help us was my dad, and he was in Spain.

When my mum was telling me everything, I looked at the door and I saw Mr. Robin. He was spying on us!! Suddenly, he ran into the room and he pounced on my mum. I started to hit him with all my strength and, finally, he let go of my mum. I pushed him out of the room, I closed the door and I put the bolt across. I looked to my mum. She was OK, but we were very frightened. We thought he was drugged… [by airam14]

That’s how it was, he was drugged, but we caught money of the room to travel by airplane and we went out through the window and on to the street to go to the airport. But things weren’t so easy because when we arrived to the airport Mr.Robin was there. We bought two tickets to go to Spain, my mum and I didn’t say anything and we ran to the airplane.

When the airplane started to fly, Mr.Robin was looking at us from the airport. When we were going to Spain… [by Amieiro]

We were going to Alcobendas, a small city near Barajas Airport, where my father lived. We said to the taxi driver that a man was chasing us, so he went speeding on the freeway. When we arrived in Alcobendas we thought that Mr. Robin couldn’t keep up with us, so we went to the address that my father had sent to my mother.

When we arrived there we paid the taxi driver and we rang the doorbell impatiently… There was no answer… We knocked at the door strongly… There was no answer… We were very surprised. My mother phoned my father… There was no answer… Something strange was happening. My father knew that my mother and I were going to go to Alcobendas that day, and he wasn’t at home.

Suddenly somebody opened the door and disappeared. We came into the house. There was nobody there. We heard a strange noise and we tried to escape, but the door was closed and we couldn’t open it.

Then a man started to talk in our language, we looked at him and… [by cvisualgg]

… it was my father. Mr.Robin had escaped before my father caught him. My father told us that Mr. Robin had attempted to impersonate him to catch us and so we would not tell the police what had happened. Although I was scared, I began to think, and what would happen if he returned to lock us again? or perhaps try to kill us, when I looked at my parents I figured they were thinking the same as me, “What’s happened?” I asked. “Well, we know… What do we know?”, said my father, “Nothing” said my mum. [by peace]  


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No sun, no lights, only darkness. My name is George. I’m alone. I’m scared…

My name is George, have I told you before? I’m alone in the theater, watching a horror movie and there’s no lights on because they are showing the film but I am scared because we are in the darkness. I’m afraid of darkness and I’m afraid of the movie. There are dead people or too many of those called zombies in the movie and the title of the movie is Resident Evil: Afterlife that is now showing on premiere in all the theaters in the city. [by marryyii]

I don’t know why the lights are off, I don’t know why the movie has stopped and I don’t know why I am alone. There were people in the movie theater before… I am really scared, I can see a shadow, it is moving, it seems to be approaching… AHHHHH it has touched me! I’m scared, I want to run away, but I can’t see, I am in the darkness… [by noweeey]

When the film finished, I left the cinema and decided to go back home on foot. After five minutes, I saw something unusual, a litterbin fell on the floor making a lot of noise. There was nobody in the street. I wondered: How can this happen? I went on walking, but something unusual occurred again, I heard some footsteps behind me and saw some shadows moving very fast. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t see anyone, it was very strange, I didn’t understand it, the shadows were not of people or animals, then… who were they? It was a question without answer. The shadows were… [by mateooo]

I don’t know!! Maybe the shadows were from the same ”thing” that had scared me at the theatre. I was afraid at the theatre, but now I was really scared because I was lost!! ”OK,don’t worry. I must only go to the nearest house and ask the people who live in it where I am” I thought. I run to the nearest house. The door was open and I went in. Everything was neglected and dirty. Nobody was in the house. Suddenly, the door closed and I screamed. I tried to open it, but I couldn’t. Inside the house there was the SAME  litterbin that I had seen on the street before, and the same shadows making a lot of noise… [by airam14]

I needed to escape! I was too afraid… I wanted to die! Dying would be less terrible than this moment. Why was I thinking in death? This must not be real, It must be a simple joke or a dream! I didn’t know. Fear didn’t let me do anything. I was standing up in the hall, I didn’t know what I must do. I could only think… Thinking is too easy… [by siweeey]

… At the next moment, I was sitting in an old sofa in the living room, because I was very tired. I was thinking about the movie. The main character was in the same situation than I was. I didn’t know what had happened to him, because the movie had stopped in this part. I was really scared. I looked for another exit, but I couldn’t find it.

I went upstairs. The shadows followed me wherever I went. There weren’t any windows on the second floor, the lights were on, but suddenly it started to thunder and the lights went off… [by cvisualgg]

The house was big, it had two floors. I wasn’t alone there. The shadows were moving very fast. A shadow was very big and long, and the other was very little. I was scared and besides, there were no windows on the second floor. On the first floor, I found a torch. The problem was it didn’t have any batteries. I was very worried. I couldn’t leave the house. Then, I stanted to cry and listened a noise. I looked behind me and the shadow was there. I cried very, very loud and then… [by aaalvaaarooo]

Suddenly the lights went on again! And the shadows dissapeared in a second! This was very strange and I only wanted to run out. I was thinking of escaping when I had an idea. I was sure that there was an attic in the house. I looked for it very fast because the shadows could return at any time. When I looked at the ceiling I saw signs of a hatch, It had to be the entry to the attic! I took a ladder from the first floor and I put it up. When I was at the top of the ladder, I struck the ceiling and the hatch opened! I had to close my eyes because there was a lot of dust in the attic, when I opened them… [by siweeey]

… I saw a lot of old and dirty pieces of furniture. There was a bed, a wardrobe, a table and many other pieces. Through the window on the roof, I could see the city. It was rainning a lot, and it sometimes thundered. I stuck my head out the window, and in a second, I got wet with the water of the violent storm. I could feel a strange feeling, and I opened the window. I looked at the city again. I felt the strange feeling again and I lost my sense for a moment. I went over the window, so I fell on the road. For a second, I could feel the rain, but I lost my sense again.

When I woke up, I was in a white room. I only asked a question: Am I dead? [by mn96]

The wall was white, the roof was white, the floor was white too and there was a white and old door in front of me. In the middle of the door there was a little window and I could see a dark corridor. At the bottom of the door, there was another little door. After two hours a hand opened the little door and gave me a plate with meat and a white plastic knife. I started to eat because I was hungry but … “Where was I?” … I thought I was in a prison. [by Nacho inglés]

Confused, I went to the door in silence. Everything was dark, I was very frightened. Suddenly the lights went on and in front of me an elderly face appeared, I screamed AHHHHH! and started to run in circles in the room. [by lidiarodri]

In the white room there’s a black chair and a table. There aren’t any people or shadows in the white room and I’m very frightened. In this moment I woke up and the white room seemed only a dream. For a few days I had the same dream, it never changed.

One day in the white room there was not a table and a chair but there was a red sofa and a black TV. On the TV I saw an image of the theatre where I was watching a film of shadows. [by policarpio/andres]

I opened my eyes and I saw something unusual on the room walls: there were lots of photos and newspaper pieces. I got up and I saw the photos better. There was a boy in all of them. He was tall and he had brown hair, but I couldn’t see his face…”Wait a moment” I thought, “he had the same tracksuit as me and that was my house, so….IT WAS ME!!” I was really scared and, I didn’t know why, I noticed the newspaper pieces. There was an old man that had died suspiciously a year ago, on the same day as today. “Maybe someone wants to hurt me” I thought, but my photos and the newspaper pieces couldn’t be linked… or could they? [by airam14]

Am I dead? Is it possible? But I can’t see anything different (I haven’t got wings).  I can see the bedroom… but there is another problem… I need to see people or I’m going to go crazy , suddenly the door opened and a person came in. “Am I dreaming?” I said.

“No, you aren’t dreaming, why should you be dreaming?” she said. The person is a girl, a beautiful girl. She’s tall and has got blue eyes and black hair. She’s wearing blue jeans and a pink T-shirt, “Oh, I see… you say this because of the problem?.”

“Yes… What’s happening?”.

“Okay… I don’t know what is happening, but I’m sure that we’ll find the right answer” she said.

“Yes” I said

Nobody talked for a one moment and suddenly she said: “I’m Fly, and what about you”?

“I’m George”- I said, and in this moment the light of the room went out… [by luasakura]

Suddenly… I appeared in the North Pole and later a fat old man with a white beard, white hair, a red hat, a red jacket, red trousers and black shoes gave me his hand. Then I went  to a big house with him and he gave me a cup of tea. I saw a lot of deer and a lot of snow… the man…was… Santa Claus!!!

Santa was very happy, very nice and very polite. There were a lot of elves in his house and he had a big magic ball on his office table… [by Amieiro]

But still, I ask him what I’m doing there, but he gave me an answer I couldn’t understand, he spoke to me about the time when my parents died, they died at Christmas, the saddest Christmas in my life, I had the worst gifts in my life, and he probably wanted to compensate me for that Christmas, I don’t know, and I didn’t mind, the matters I mind now are: How I came to the North Pole? Is this a dream (because if it is, I don’t like this dream, I’m scared)?
We continued to talk on a sofa, I asked what day it was and he said: the twenty fourth of December,oh! time went so fast! Oh my god! When all this started, at the cinema, on the premiere: Resident evil: After life, it was summer, How could time go so fast? [by noweeey]

Fly and I were with Santa Claus. Santa Claus asked Fly: Where are you from?

I live in Turkey but I’m English. My parents went to work to Turkey, they were teachers and they’re dead. They had a plane accident. I’m looking for my family. Can you help? She asked.

Santa Claus had an idea: We’re going to England on my sleigh to look for Fly’s family. This is a good Christmas gift.

Everybody was very happy, but they didn’t know the danger of this voyage… [by aaalvaaarooo]

– Fly, George, we’re going to England, and we’re going to solve this matter – Said Santa. -Hey, elf, give me a hamburguer, I’m hungry.

An elf left Santa’s house with a box in his hand. Them, he threw the box to Santa, and Santa opened it, and began to eat the hamburguer.

– C’mon, get on the flying sleigh -Said Santa.

Fly and me got on the sleigh and Santa Claus took the reins. The sleigh started to fly with the help of some reindeers. When the sleigh was in the highest part of the sky, the reindeer who directed the sleigh began to make stupid movements and he umbalanced the sleigh.

– What are you doing Rudolf? -Said Santa.


– Santa, Fly has fallen off – I said

– Sorry George, she is dead… – Said Santa.

“The Three Wise Men are better than this overweight old man” I thought to myself. [by mn96]

We were alone, the overweight old man and I, and Rudolf became crazy. Santa Claus attempted an emergency landing. Suddenly the sleigh got out of control and we fell in the sea…

…When I woke up I was in a red bedroom with a girl, I didn’t remember anything: Where was I? What had happened? Who was this girl? I couldn’t understand anything. [by cvisualgg]

I stood up  and walked around the room, that girl seemed so familiar to me, but I couldn’t remember who she was. I got out of there and left the girl sleeping on the room, as I went through the door the room disappeared and I came out in the middle of a huge sandy yellow desert, I turned three hundred and sixty degrees, the only thing I could see was sand and huge dunes.

“Wait a moment. What’s that? ” I thought, and a great black hole appeared in the middle of the desert swallowing everything including me. [by jorgeman18]

I was very  nervous and I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I started running but the great hole reached me. Everything was very dark and I could only see the blue sky over me. I was trying to get out with all my strength, but I was very tired and I could see my death closer.

A few moments later, a brilliant light illuminated me. The colour in my face changed. I thought: “I will not die, someone has come to save me”. Suddenly, I listened a familiar voice:

-George, are you there? Are you alive?- Someone asked me.

-Yes! I’m alive! Please, help me! I need to get out of here!- I answered.  “A man was trying to calm me”, I thought.

– Calm down, don’t worry! I will help you to get out of this great hole. Wait a moment. [by aaalvaaarooo]

George didn’t  know that the man who was trying to help him was his great friend Santa Claus.

Santa Claus quickly went to his sleigh and took a long rope that would help him extract George from the hole.

Ten minutes later Santa Claus said:

-George, I have the solution to extract you from there. I will throw a long rope and you will begin to climb it, ok?

-Ok! It’s brilliant. But, who are you? Why are you helping me? – asked George.

-No more questions, you will discover when you come out to the surface. Now you should start to climb. – Santa Claus said to him.

Then, George very obediently started to climb the rope. A few moments later he was in the big desert. [by aaalvaaarooo]

I looked at Santa and said:

-Santa, I’m sorry but I can’t continue with this.

-What do you feel?- said Santa.

-I’m so angry and tired…

-Why are you angry?

-‘Cause I don’t understand anything!!- screamed George- First, I was at the cinema and everything was normal. Then, a lot of strange things began to happen to me: the old and dirty house, the white room, the newspapers, Fly, the hole…..YOU!!

-George, you have to be strong…- said Santa-, you only have to remember….

But suddenly another thing occurred again. Santa was talking to me when I fell on the floor. I only remember that, before I fell off, a strange thing hit me on my left arm and made a lot of blood come out. I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, I saw that I was at THE SAME white room that I had been before.

-Santa!!- I screamed.

A person listened to me and came into the room. She was a beautiful girl, and I knew her.

-Fly?!- I screamed again, but at this time I was happy.

-Hi George.

-I thought that you were dead!!- I replied to her.

-I know, but I can explain it to you -she said to me-. Listen. Everything started when I was at the… GEORGE!!

I fell on the floor amd my eyes were closed. When I woke up, I was at the old house. I really didn’t understand anything. I only knew that I was coming back to all the places where I have been before.

-Oh my god!! -I exclaimed.

Suddenly, something unusual occurred again. I saw the litterbin fall on the floor making a lot of noise and….. A SHADOW again!!!! But now it was moving very fast in my direction. I couldn’t say anything. The shadow was so near, so near……HEY!!

I opened my eyes. I could see a lot of people around me and ask me ‘Are you OK?’, ‘What’s your name, boy?’, ‘Would you like some water?’. I stood up and I saw a thing, a beautiful thing….I WAS AT THE CINEMA!! People said to me that I was sleeping, when I fell off and I started to say lots of strange things and names: shadows……white room……newspapers…….Santa!!…….Fly…..

I was so happy because I was at the cinema <<again>> and everything was a dream. I only began to be scared when the film finished.

When I returned home, I saw rests of blood on my left arm and, suddenly, a litterbin fell on the floor making a lot of noise. I looked back and I saw that I was the only person in the street. Everything was dark and I saw some shadows moving very fast…

[by airam14]


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Red, blue, white, green… lights, music, a disco on Saturday night, I’m on the dance floor…

I’m dancing with my friends when, suddenly, Cristiano Ronaldo appears at the door. I’m glad. I didn’t think he was in Lugo. I faint. When I wake up he is in front of me and I can’t believe it. He’s speaking to me. He invites me to dance. I accept. It was the best day of my life. Everything was going well until my mum called me to go home. I explain everything and she allows me to arrive later. Cristiano is signing a lot of autographs and he’s taking a lot of photos with me. After he sees off I’m crying a lot. My friends are trying to console me but I’m miserable. As I was going home down a narrow alley I noticed  a suspicious man following me… [by annndrea]

I was frightened and ran away very quickly, so I slipped and fell to the ground. It was dark at the moment and I couldn’t see his face but I heard a happy laugh: “Don’t worry, I’m here because someone wants to wish you a happy birthday”.

Suddenly, a lot of people appeared in the dark of the night then they played some music and sang. Under the moonlight I could see them. They seemed strange because they danced very very slowly… [by yagoy]

Then I saw my parents, my grandsparents, my friends and another person that I didn’t know but I didn’t  think in that because I saw Cristiano  Ronaldo again and I was stunned. I was very very happy, It was the best birthay in my life. When I arrived home I was very tired and I went to bed immediately. The next day I got up very happy with my parents but I had  go to school.
When I was going to school I saw the person that I had seen the day before. I looked to another place and when I looked again and he had disappeared… [by ivi999]

Classes started at school and I tried to think about another thing but it was nearly impossible. I had five classes in the morning and they were very boring for me. In the last class, the teacher asked me :

– “Sorry, is there anything wrong with you?”

And I answered:

– “Oh, no, no, don’t worry”

The class finished and I got out. He was right there. Where he always had been. I went to the bus stop and he followed me . [by annndrea]

I invited him to my house for lunch. When we finished the snack, Christiano helped me with my English homework. I was very creative and Christiano had a great vocabulary that he had practiced with other football players at the Champions competitions. I was very happy. We did a good teamwork!  Then, we went to the street to play football. When my mother came, tired from work, and she saw us near our house door, she felt panic because she did not understand anything. But finally I explained everything to my mother and she relaxed. In fact, my mother invited him to dinner at home. Christiano was very grateful with us and he suggested that we should go to the cinema together and that he would call his chauffeur. [by abliitha42]

After dinner, Christiano and I went to the cinema to see the film: Charlie St. Cloud. Christiano bought only one big popcorn bucket. When we were watching the movie I saw a friend but she didn’t see me. When the film finished, Christiano invited me to an ice cream, I accepted, we walked to the shop and when we arrived, it was closed. I was sad but he was happy, I asked why he was happy and he told me that he had had a good time with me. I had been happy all the time. I was happier then. [by iisaH]

Then we went to the park and we sat on a bench. We looked at our eyes and, suddenly a boy arrived and kissed me, I was surprised and Cristiano was surprised too. Cristiano asked :

What are you doing?

And the boy answered:

I’m kissing Andrea, any problem ?

Cristiano sayd:

Yes, one problem, Andrea is my girlfriend.

And I looked at Cristiano and said:

Am I? It’s, it’s really… incredible !

Then the boy started to cry and he went with his mum. I was very happy and, suddenly Cristiano took my hand, and he kissed me. Later, we walked home. [by albiita96]

On the next day, I didn’t meet Cristiano. I didn’t know where he was and he didn’t phone me. I was worried all day. When I went to have breakfast I spilt the milk on the floor. When I had lunch I choked on a fish bone and at night, when I was having a shower I slipped in the bath. I went to the hospital in an ambulance and in the hospital the doctor told me: ‘you have a broken hand’. It was a good day. [by pedropear]

Cristiano meant to stay in Lugo for a week, because he was on holiday.  When he told me that, I was very happy, I could not believe, it seemed impossible, the dream of any teenager girl. When my mother heard the news he was invited to stay at my house for the week, as being on the outskirts of Lugo he would not have problems with fans … [by roymou]

After two days, Cristiano went to Poland to play a football match with his national team. Portugal football team went to Poland on a plane but in the journey the plane had a terrible accident, it fell down on a mountain. A lot of  football players died in the accident but the doctors could save Cristiano. He was well but the doctors had to amputate his feet. He was very sad because he couldn’t play football. [by pedropear]

In the morning, Cristiano got up, it had been a dream, so he was surprised. That day, he had the match in Poland with Portugal team. It was nine o’clock. He had a shower and had breakfast. At quarter to eleven, he went to train for the football match with all the Portugal national team. He thought he was prepared for the match because he had been training a lot of days for this match. At three o’clock he went to have dinner with all the team, and at half past five he went to his room, because he had to be prepared for the trip to Poland at seven o’clock. [by aalvaroo]

But the fans knew Cristiano Ronaldo was in that hotel and they started to follow him.

He opened the window and they were there, he opened the door and they tried to come into the room and they cried: “Cristiano Ronaldo, we want a baby of yours”.

It was a nightmare, he couldn’t go out and he had to catch a plane to Poland. What could he do?

Finally, he phoned his coach.

His coach appeared in the hotel with the police but they couldn’t get out of the hotel until eight o’clock. They were late for the match! [by yagoy]

Cristiano Ronaldo was so angry because he coudn’ t catch the plane to go to the match…

Fans sometines are a good. It’s an important thing to be excited and in a good mood at the begining of every match, but in that case they were not.

Fortunatly he was there with his coach that helped him solve this problem. He told him that he should call his personal aeroplane to be able to get to the match.

Finally, and after a hard trying to be on time he couldn’t , but Cristiano was so happy to be there to celebrate with his friends that they had won the match… [by abliitha42]

When the party finished, Cristiano felt pain in his right ankle and he went home to rest. The following day, when it got up to have breakfast, he noticed that his ankle had swollen and he went rapidly to the hospital. When he got to the hospital all the people were asking for autographs and photos him, but his bodyguard took him rapidly to the doctor. They took an X-ray photography of him, Cristiano had sprained his ankle and they had to plaster his foot. [by cl96]

Cristiano was very unhappy because  he couldn’t participate in the football matches and he could only walk with crutches and his friends couldn’t visit him because they had to work. He was bored in bed and he slept, he dreamt that he was running because a ghost was following him. He wanted to run but he couldn’t because he had a terrible pain in his foot. Then he tried to catch his crutches but they weren’t there. He was frightened and he tried to jump on his left ankle. Suddenly the ghost appeared next to him and he took his right ankle …   [by yagoy]

… Cristiano woke up. He didn’t feel any pain in his ankle. He decided to go to the hospital and check how his ankle was. The doctor was very surprised when he saw that his ankle was perfect. Cristiano went back home. On his way home, his telephone rang. It was Andrea.

– “Hello, my darling. I was thinking about it a lot and I think I love you very much.”

– “Can we meet and talk?”

– “Yes, of course. Shall we meet at five at ‘Ruta Café’?

– “OK, see you there.”

[by adridj12, borjafb, anndrea, cl96]

Next day, I saw Cristiano Ronaldo at the restaurant. Then I went running towards him and i hugged  him. Cristiano was very different because, he ignored me. We had lunch: an omelette to start, roast beef as the main course and grapefruit cake as dessert.

Later, when we finished, I said:

-What happened to you? Do you have any problems?

-No, but I hate you!!

-I don´t belive it!! you’re kidding me, are you?

-No, honestly, it’s true

I went home very tasteless and I thought I didn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo.

After some time, my mobile phone rang. It was him.

-Andre excuse me, I’m very sorry, i love you, but I was foolish, because I have a mental problem. Can I see you and explain it?

-Oh, I don’t know. Hum, ok. See you there!

-Really? Thank you Andrea!

When I arrived at the house I was very sad, because Cristiano Ronaldo was false and now I had a broken heart.

[by suadu]


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Not Just a Question of Money

Mine is not a normal story. I was an only child in a rich family from Glasgow. I’ve always had everything I wanted. But let me introduce myself: my name is John, John McGregor.

I’m 17 years old and I go to Marley Secondary School. My best friend is Jose, he is Spanish, but he is studying in Glasgow. I went to Spain to visit Jose in the summer and it is an incredible country.

I have got two cats and a dog. My cats’ names are Chumi and Isi, and my dog’s name is Guti. I love Real Madrid FC and I hate Barcelona. My favourite basquetballteam is Cleveland Cavaliers and the USA national team, but I hate Orlando Magic.

My girlfriend’s name is Kelly. She is very beautiful and she is from Glasgow. Her family is very rich. His uncle is a famous actor in Hollywood and his father is an important employer. Kelly is 18 years old but people says she’s older. I love her.

My father’s name is David and he is 37 years old. My mother’s name is Sarah and she is 39 years old. [by andres#69]

Well, talking about Kelly again, we are childhood friends. When I was only a child, we went to school together and we used to play in my garden in the afternoon. She was better than me at school so she helped me with my homework. I love her, but in a different way. I’m going out with her because of my parents. She’s studying to be an actress, so I have to carry on with her because my parents think that it wouldn’t be very good for her career if we broke up.

I don’t know exactly if she loves me like a boyfriend or only like a friend. I don’t talk so much with her because she is studying in Liverpool. We only are together when we have to appear in a magazine with her uncle.

In fact, I would like to go out with a girl I met in Spain, last summer when I was with Jose there. Her name is Elba. She’s beautiful, I think more than Kelly. Elba is Jose’s cousin. She is always at her uncle’s house during holidays, so I met her there. She was so friendly with me. She came with us to the swimming pool and she also plays basketball. She loves sport. Her favorite football team is Barcelona FC so when we were watching a football match on TV we never agreed. [by beaad]

Yesterday I went to Liverpool to spend a day with Kelly. We rode a horse and when we stopped to have a sandwich, we had an argument. At night I thought: the week couldn’t start worse.

On Monday, the first class was Spanish. The teacher’s name is Bianca. She has got long, dark, straight hair. She usually wears a pink jumper, a long, black skirt and brown shoes. We can’t understand her, because she speaks badly.

When we were sitting on our chairs, the teacher said:

-People who want to have a student exchange with Spanish students must tell me.

First, I thought in Jose and then in Elba.  When I arrived home, I spoke about the exchange programme with my parents. They said it was a good idea.

The next day I was the first who wrote his name on the piece of paper.  The week was very long for me, I thought all the time in Jose, Elba and Kelly too. [by inescv]

Elba’s favourite football player is Messi. He is very good-looking and he plays very well. She prefers watching a football match on TV to  coming to the swimming pool with me. When we go to the swimming pool we play with my ball. She hates my ball because it is a Real Madrid ball.

At night she used to come to my house and watch TV all night but she used to go to sleep before I did. I love her because she is very pretty and intelligent.

One day we went to the beach and then went surfing she fell lots of times. It was a  very nice day. Sometimes at night we didn’t watch TV we told horror stories and horror films she was really frightened. [by sarawuex]

I was confused. Because, I love Spain but Kelly was in Liverpool. Next day I went to the school. I said:

-Teacher, I want go to Spain.

-OK, John! It’s a good idea.

After school, I went home and tolk my parents the plan of the trip. My father said:

-OK. It´s a new experience for you.

Then, I watched TV, a footbal match. It was Real Madrid against FC Barcelona. The result was 1-6. FC Barcelona was the winner and I was very furious. I turned off the TV and went to my bedroom.

In the morning, I went to school, and saw Kelly. She’s very cute. Kelly was wearing a blue T-shirt, a pair of jeans and white shoes. I was very confused, because I love Kelly, but Elba is really cute too. [by mariav3a]

…I was in a very difficult situation.  I didn’t know how to act but in this moment I decided to do what I wanted, careless about what my family could say. I went to Kelly and I told her: ‘Kelly, I’m going to go to Spain’. I wanted to say more things but she answered: ‘Oh, really?’ as if she was speaking to a stranger instead of her boyfriend. When I saw her reaction I got angry and I said: ‘Yes, next week I’m going to go to Spain, and I also want to tell you something else, I want to break up’. Kelly didn’t get angry or shouted or cried. She just laughed very loudly. I didn’t understand anything. She was laughing. Maybe she thought it was a joke… [by Jairaaa.]

– Don’t you understand that we have never been together? Our relation has been false! always! I have been with you only to appear in magazines…!

I was surprised. I couldn’t say anything so I went. I couldn’t think that everything was false. That girl wasn’t the same girl, we laughed and played together and we were good friends, what had happened?

My family had always said that we had to stay together, to have a relation and I had never wanted to, but now everything was different. Last summer, my friend Jose told me that when he was staying here, he had listened my father speaking to Kelly’s father about an illness. Kelly is very ill… [by patriciamr]

I didn’t want to listen to more shouts. When I arrived home my parents knew what had happened, they were very angry. And they told me (well, they shouted at me): ‘Why, have you broken up with Kelly? Don’t you remember what we had told you about it?’. I didn’t answer. ‘Give us an answer!’ my father said. ‘I don’t want to speak to you at the moment. Maybe, at night’ I said. I went to my bedroom, I switched on the music, I put the headphones on my ears and I slept. When I woke up, at twilight, I was alone in the house. I went to the living room to watch TV. After an hour, my parents came back to the house. They sat with me and told me: ‘You’re driving us crazy. Kelly’s parents are very annoyed, we went to talk to them’. I answered: ‘But I was so tired of doing all you wanted, I want to live my own life, I’m not an adult yet, but I’m not a child either’.  My mother said: ‘And you didn’t think about Kelly’s illness, did you?’ [by Jairaaa.]

I asked really surprised:

-Which illness? I didn’t know that Kelly had an illness!

Suddenly the phone rang and my father and mother went, and I didn’t find out what happened with Kelly…

I went to my bedroon, and I spent all the afternoon at home. What should I do? I didn’t have a clue. Then, I fell asleep.

When I got up it was four o’clock, I drank a glass of water and I went to bed again.

Next morning, I woke up angry, I had breakfast and I walked in the garden, I needed to think. Suddenly, I saw Kelly and my parents talking in the garden and I hid behind the trees to listen to their conversation:

– We continue with the plan, so I’ll continue to be John’s girlfriend and you’ll be happy, is that OK?

– That’s a great idea Kelly! Well, see you tomorrow and John can’t see you, run! And goodbye!


I went back into the house very confused… What plan were they talking about? Were my parents Kelly’s accomplices? I didn’t understand anything… [by lauritaa]

I spent all the morning in my bedroom thinking about what I had listened. At midday, my mum told me to come and have something to eat, but I wasn’t hungry. During the next two hours I was thinking, but I didn’t get to any conclusion. I didn’t understand anything. Two hours later, I went for a run in the park and I saw Kelly with another boy. I couldn’t believe it. I went home and I spent all night in my bedroom and I couldn’t sleep. The next day, I arrived at the park and Kelly was there with my parents. Why were they meeting secretly?[sandra24ma]

I didn’t understand anything. First my parents had told me that Kelly had an illness, then I saw that they were her accomplices, and saw Kelly with another boy, and today my parents and Kelly were metting secretly again. Oh my god! What was happening?

I hid behind the trees like the other time, but I couldn’t hear anything, so I went home and I decided to talk to Kelly and my parents to discover what was happening, but at that moment I felt very tired so I went to bed.

The next day I got up, but there weren’t anyone at home, so I sat in the sofa and watched TV. I waited all the morning for my parents to arrive: I wanted to ask them how Kelly was (if she really had an ilness) and discover what was happening. [by lauritaa]

There wasn’t anything on TV. I couldn’t understand anything. Why were my parents talking to Kelly secretly? What was happening? I had lunch alone because my parents phoned me:

– John we have plans for lunch, please excuse us. There’s some rice and chicken in the fridge.

When my parents eat out I usually watch TV, surf the Internet and eat in the living room. I turned on my computer and I saw José was connected at the moment.

-Hello José. How are you?

-I’m fine thanks. What about Kelly? Do you know anything new about Kelly and your parents?

-No, but today when they arrive I’m going to talk to them. I’m tired, I can’t wait any longer.

-I agree with you. Are you watching TV? There’s an interesting football match on Eurosport.

-Yes, I’m watching TV but I prefer House to the football match. I have a DVD with the last season.

-Ok. I’m going to the swimming pool. Bye.

-Bye. [by inescv]

I didn’t want to see Kelly. So, I phoned her. The first time I didn’t get an answer. I waited for five minutes, but again Kelly didn’t answer the phone. I got annoyed, it was not me to blame if she didn’t want to talk to me. Suddenly, my parents arrived and called me, I must go to the living room. Kelly was there. My father said: ‘Well, John you must fix your relationship with Kelly’.  My parents went out, Kelly started to talk: ‘John, I want to apologize to you. Sorry for the things that happened the other day’. I was confused, and I told her: ‘Please, don’t try to fool me, I heard your convertation with my parents, I know all your plans’. Kelly said: ‘What?’ [by Jairaaa.]

“That disease”, I said.

I pretended to be stupid, because I knew she had a disease, but I didn’t know what disease she had. And he told me she had a great depression. Confused, I asked my father why she had that depression. He replied that she was visiting the best psychologists in the world, but all told them the same: she had a depression but the girl didn’t help to solve the problem. I listened to what my father told me. I had no words because I saw her normal at school.

My father told me to try going out with her again and ask her why she didn’t want to help doctors find the problem she had. I said I’d try but could not promise anything. Then I also said that I’d try because they were friends of her parents’ and they wanted me to go on with the relation. Then I said I had to go to sleep because I had to go to school the next day and it was getting late, so I left the room thinking about it. [valeriojorge]

While I was leaving, Kelly burst into tears.

-Well, yes, I’m not ill. Your parents only said that to you because you want to break with me. They wanted you to feel sorry for me and carry on. I was so stupid.

I was so angry. How could my parents do this to me? An illness is too serious to joke about it.

Next day, I went to school and I looked at the exchange lists. I was selected!! I didn’t feel like going to Spain. Then I saw the people who were coming there on the exchange. I couldn’t believe it and I shouted:

– Elba? It isn’t possible.

Then I asked Jose and he confirmed me that it was true: Elba would go there and Kelly would be there too. What could I do? I wouldn’t tell my parents.

I was really confused. I didn’t know what to do with Kelly. I didn’t know whether to break up with her or not. I loved her but not like a girlfriend. She was a beautiful girl and she was very intelligent but she was moody sometimes and she treated me very badly. She was very cold. She didn’t appreciate our frienship. She had forgotten when we played in the garden together before school… She had forgotten everything… [by beaad]

For some days, I didn’t feel like meeting Elba or Kelly. I knew that Elba wasn’t guilty but I didn’t want a relation now. I tryed to see her when Kelly wasn’t there and I tried to talk to her because I wanted to explain the situation. It was crazy!

After some time, the students of the exchanging program came. It was my time to talk to Elba, because I didn’t want her to get angry. I was going to wait for all the students, when suddenly, I met Kelly in the way. I was angry with Kelly so I tried not to talk to her, but she started to shout at me: “What are you doing, John? Don’t you remember the plan? [by patriciamr]

It was a very strange situation.  Why did Kelly speak with me about an arragement? I didn’t know what to do and I told her:  ‘I’m in a hurry I need to go’. Suddenly she shouted at me: ‘You’re always avoiding me! Why you don’t want to speak to me? I was very tired to be always arguing with Kelly and I left her there. When the exchange students arrived, my look searched for Elba. When I found her I felt happiness. Her appearance had changed, but at the same time she had got more beautiful than before. She also saw me and smiled. She ran close to me and told me: ‘Hi John! Long time we haven’t met!’ and all of a sudden she kissed me. I was nearly hallucinating… When she stopped kissing me she apologize to me: ‘I’m so sorry! I’m so happy to see you, pardon me, sometimes my feelings drive my actions and I don’t think in the impact’. At the same time she was speaking to me, she smiled and her face blushed. I answered: ‘Don’t worry’. I said goodbye to her and I began to search my exchange classmate. I found him, he was called Daniel. He was in the same class as Elba, I asked if they were friends. He told me: ‘Yes, we’re going out’. I was really shocked, Elba was going out with Daniel, they were a couple, but at the same time she had kissed me… One more question without an answer that came to my mind. ‘I should speak to Elba’ I thought, because maybe… she loved me?. The next day at school when I was looking for Elba, Kelly spoke to me: ‘John, I saw Elba and you kissing yesterday, are you going out?’. I got serious and I said: ‘No, you’re in a mistake. It was just a kiss’. Kelly replied: ‘No, you’re in a mistake? Are you trying to fool me? I know you’re a couple. Because of this you broke with me. I’m going to speak to Elba, maybe she doesn’t lie to me’. I yelled: ‘No, please, Kelly, maybe we could make an arrangement’ [by Jairaaa.]

Kelly accepted the agreement and told me.

– OK, what agreement are you offering me?

– Keep on going out with me. Until you want.

– Well, that’s something we already knew, but I want something else.

– What?

– I want you to forget Elba forever, forget about her.

That made me feel terrible but if she wanted me to forget about Elba I should keep my promise. For a few days I did not look at Elba, I did not speak to her, but I felt terrible.[by roymou]

What a problem! going out with Kelly again! I was sure that I was going out with Elba and everything would solve… and now… oh my god! I was in trouble. I had to talk to Daniel. After school, I would look for him.

-Hi, Daniel! I have to talk to you.

-Hi, John! What’s the matter?

-It is about your girlfriend… umm… I met her some time ago… you have to talk to her.

-Oh, I see! You are friends! She didn’t tell me. What do I have to tell her?

-Tell her to tell you the truth.

At this moment, a scar caught my eye; it was on his neck… [by patriciamr]

Daniel was very confused, but that was not my problem. I loved Elba and did she love me? This question didn’t have an answer. I was really very nervous, because I didn’t know this answer. In the evening, I spoke to Daniel. He was very annoyed, because Elba had spoken to him about the kiss with me. Daniel had split up with Elba. I was very happy but I hadn’t split up with Kelly. I needed to speak to Kelly to break off.

In the evening, I went to the park. Because my house was very noisy and I needed silence.

When I left home, I met Kelly, she wanted to speak to me about my problem with Elba. But I didn’t speak to her.

At home, I went to my bedroom and I watched TV. On TV I watched a film: Jumanji. It’s a very exciting film. [by mariav3a]

While John was watching Jumanji, Kelly was dancing at the disco with Daniel.

Kelly had decided to go to the disco because she was bored at home. When she arrived there, Daniel was sitting in a corner, very sad. She decided to talk to him. At first, Daniel didn’t want to talk to her, but she persuaded him to tell her what the matter was. He said that he had broken off with Elba. Kelly was happy to hear that, because she liked him, but she said she was sorry.

They continued talking for a long time. Then, she said they could go dancing so that he got happier. He agreed, so they started to dance. After dancing for a while, he invited her to a drink and finally they went home, dreaming about that wonderful night of dance.

Next day, Kelly and Daniel met at the school canteen for lunch. When they came in, they saw John and Elba having a coke and a sandwich at a table in a dark  corner. So they decided to sit with them and tell them about the crazy night they had had. John and Elba were happy to hear the news because they had been watching Jumanji together and they had decided to go on with their relation. [the whole group]



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The Book

She had just bought that old house, so there was a lot of cleaning to be done. She decided to start at the cellar. The first thing she saw there was an old bookcase. It was empty, except for an old book with a dusty leather cover. Betty opened the book and started reading: “This is the true story of the House of YOUR Life. If you are not prepared for the unexpected, please refrain from reading…”

…Betty left the book aside and started to clean the cellar. She was not sure what to do and a bit of work would let her think it over. After  a few hours, she continued reading: “There is a barn opposite the house, you must never, never, ever go there…”

Betty stopped reading, it was time to go to sleep. She couldn’t sleep, she kept thinking of what she had read. In the morning, she went to the barn, she opened the door. Betty saw a big pile of sand. She ran for a shovel, removed sand and found a headless man. Betty was very scared and she called her best friend, George, to talk about what had happened. Betty asked George if he could sleep in her house. At night, they listened to many different sounds coming from the barn, they couldn’t sleep.

In the morning, they continued reading the book: “… the former owner of this house is buried there,  and he died under very strange circumstances…” [by mmaarrttaa]

Betty closed the book, this story was really scary, but she had already started reading the book… what would happen next? Betty asked George if he would go with her to the barn. When they arrived, there wasn’t a dead man there. Everything was very strange, there was a note and a head, but there wasn’t a dead man’s body. Betty and George decided to call the police.

POLICE: Las Vegas Police Department, hello?
BETTY: Hello!
POLICE: Can I help you?
BETTY: There is a very strange book in my house. When I started reading the book there was a dead man in the barn, but now there is a head and a note.
POLICE: I understand. We’ll be there in five minutes.
BETTY: OK. Here we’ll  wait, thanks. [by mmaarrttaa]

Betty and George went out of the barn for a moment to wait for the police. They were ten minutes waiting and when the police came they informed them again about what they had seen. When they all entered the barn, the police inspected the place and very surprised commented to Betty and George that there was nothing strange or unusual.

BETTY: It’s impossible that there is nobody, we have just seen everything.

POLICE: It seems that it is a question of a joke, we’ll go away. [by noelia194]

BETTY : This is not a joke!

POLICE : We have not seen anything strange here. You told us there was a face but we did not see anything. But, how long has it been here? Where have you read that? Do you believe everything the book says?

BETTY : Not everything, but that is true, it is in the book, I read it in the old basement and when I started reading, I checked what it said and it is true!!! If you want I’ll show you the headless body.

POLICE : Mmmm… we have not got time for this things and we have not seen anything here.

BETTY : come with me, please!!!


When they arrived to the barn the body was not there and Betty could not believe it.

POLICE : Here I can’t see anything, Miss.

BETTY : Oh!! It can not be possible… I saw the body before. something happened with it.

POLICE : Are you crazy?


POLICE: We have come for nothing. You can phone us when you have evidence, OK? BYE.

After what happened Betty and George went inside the house and continued reading… [by pablovega93]

Betty saw the book. It was in the same place they had left it before. They started to read again: “The man disappears when there are strange people around, only the people who live in this house, his house, your house, can see him. But these people can never leave the house.”
-Oh, no!-said George- I must leave this house immediately. You must go, too.
-No! I want to discover this strange thing. Now this man and this house need us.
-You are crazy! -George shouted desperately- You’ll die!
-We must stay here, George. You know it. We are in this house, and we could see the man, now we won’t go out.
-Ok. I’ll home on my own! I’m sorry for you…
George went to the door, but suddenly something strange happened.
-G-E-O-R-G-E! -cried Betty.
The doors started to open and close repeatedly, the lights turned on and off once and again, the plates were flying , it was windy and cold. A ghost of a man appeared, he was badly wounded. He was wearing bloodstained old clothes. He said:
-HEELP! HEEEELP! You must help me. If you go out, horrible things will happen. Your mission is helping me, when you do it, you’ll be free. The book will help you!
-Wow! You-sa-aw-th-i-s? –George started to stutter- Oh, my God! I’m crazy too! I must leave this house now! I can’t wait any longer. I’m sorry Betty!
– Good luck! You’ll need more luck… [by yolyvales]

Betty was very scared about what was going to happen to George. She knew that he was haunted but she couldn’t  forbid him to leave the house. He was an adult and he could look after himself but Betty felt something unusual for this man who always looked after her and now he didn’t want to stay by her. Betty took the book and continued reading: “Once upon a time a young couple, Jane and Edward, lived in this house. They were in love and they made a promise -they would stand together forever and ever- but one day a relentless hurricane brought Jane’s life to an end and Edward who was incapable of bearing his pain shut himself in a room without water or food until he died. The legend told that when they met in heaven thay decided to come down to earth and help all the people who lived in their old house to find love. They helped a lot of people but a few years ago a man didn’t want their help and, as a punishment, they haunted him and all the people he loved…” [by iriaa9109]

Betty stopped reading for a moment and then looked at the book again, but… the book had disappeared. Betty thought that the ghost would have it. She went to cellar. There it was, in the middle of a bright star. She walked towards the star to take the book but when she entered the star she realized it formed a barrier that did not let the book come out. She shouted but nobody was listening to her. She tried to find a way of going out. She thought she may find the way out by reading the book. She read that erasing some lines the barrier would disappear. [by itxs]


While this was happening, George arrived home. He went to the bathroom and had a shower, he looked at the mirror and saw some letters written with blood. They said: “you know a lot, you must die, you’ll be just like me.” He phoned Betty and cried: “I will be dead, help me, please. It’s terrible, a blood letter appeared in my mirror, please come on, we need go away from this village”. On the other side of the line he heard: “I am not Betty” and then they put the phone down. George started to cry desperately. [by tokolu]


Once Betty had erased a few words, she was able to walk freely around the cellar again, but she started to hear voices… not voices… it was George’s voice saying: “I’m frightened”. Betty decided to go and find George, after all, he seemed to be the only person who could understand her and he needed help at the moment. Betty arrived at his house quickly and said: “Don’t worry. Why are you afraid? … show me the mirror, please.” When George got to the mirror all had disappeared and George said: “The letter was in the mirror!!! It really was!! Please, I’m frightened, I don’t know what is happening from the moment I left your house…” Betty said: “there’s no problem in going to my house again, come with me, if you like…” [by anthoska]

George and Betty were very afraid and they decided to leave the house. They didn’t know where to go, but they wanted to get rid of the curse that inhabited that hous. Betty left the book in that haunted house.

They found a new house in the outskirts of Las Vegas. Betty and George began to live a normal life. But one day, while Betty was preparing dinner, looking for recipes in a book, she saw the book… the book that belonged to the haunted house!! She waited for George and they began to read: “…They tried to escape, but the curse pursued them….”. They closed the book. Nothing happened at the moment. They went to sleep. [by mmaarrttaa]

The next day they woke up, they had breakfast and they went to work. When Betty got to the house after work she called George….

-Hi George! How was your day?

-Well I’m happy. And you?

-I’m fine. How long will it take you to get home?

-I’ll get there at about half past two.

-OK. I’ll prepare the food. What would you like to eat today?

-Today… I prefer chips and eggs

-OK. See you later. Bye!


When George arrived he shouted: Betty….Betty…! Are you around? But no one answered. He shouted and shouted without receiving any answer… [by albabs]

George looked for her, but she was not in the house. He phoned Betty on her mobile, but it was the man of the previous anonymous call who answered: “you are going to die like her, it is the fate of the book and has to be fulfilled.” On the other side of the line he heard a cry… George started to cry desperately. Scared, George decided to call the police. [by thejoshua93]

George was afraid. He continued calling Betty while he was waiting for the police.


She didn’t appear. He was very worried. Suddenly,someone opened the door. It was Betty.

-Betty! Where were you?

-What’s the matter?

-I was very afraid when I arrived home and I didn’t see you!

-Sorry, we didn’t have any bread, I went to buy some.

Suddenly, the door closed, the lights turned off and everything was plunged into darkness.

-What the hell…? – said George [by Andrés Armesto Cortiña]

What it is this? -said Betty.
Everything was dark. Betty and George felt as if someone had caught them. The lights turned on, but they were in THE HOUSE, the house where the book had first appeared. Everything was very strange. They decided to read the book: “…they tried to escape from this house, but nothing will happen if they are not together. They can never get rid of the curse…”
Betty and George were very frightened, but they had nothing to do. They decided to call the police again:
-Hello! the police? We have a problem -said Betty.
The police said: “what is it?”
-We’ll tell when you arrive -said Betty.
-OK. Anyway, we’ll check this call and you can get into trouble -said the police- we still remember the last time… but we have a new section at the moment and they’ll decide.
When the police arrived, there was nothing strange. But they decided to wait with them… [by mmaarrttaa]

They waited and waited… They decided to read the book…: “Anybody who knows the curse will die, unless they sleep with the owners in the barn.” The police read that, then decided to go to sleep in the barn. At night, they waited and waited, but suddenly they heard a very strange voice telling them that they would die. The next morning, the police were very afraid and decided to leave the house. Betty and George were frightened and didn’t want them to leave… Suddenly Betty heard: “Betty, Betty, you have to go to school…” and Betty said: “Oh! Mum I’ve just had a horrible nightmare! [by mmaarrttaa]


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